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Day 61 – Stockholm

made mode an omelet while he got food
walking tour of stockholm
went all over
went to park
wrong way when getting out of metro
glass building
comic book library
walked down nice street with gift shops
nice day
modern museum not free
skipped last part of the walking tour
tall boats thing
saw a nice view
walked back to the hostel
took a nap while mode finished star trek book
went out with howard and french guy to other debaser
found girls at kelly’s first
cute girls but had boyfriends
danced and drank
went back
7E and mcdonalds

Day 62 – Stockholm

battle royal dream
Howard and noodles
mode went out for some breakfast
I took a nap
we went to the music museum
banging around
really fun
hands on
drugged guy
went to historical museum
kind of dull
overly dramatic
weird mayan exhibit where a guy died
gold room
on way back met daniel
went to train station
found out we had to get up early
arranged to meet daniel and co later
went back to the hostel
showered, ate a big pasta cheese sauce meal
starchy, and alright but meh. lots left over so free
went out to meet people with french guy
couldn’t figure out which square to meet them at
went to kelly’s and it was 23 and over
walked around
cops took away our beer
drank it over at debaser
went into debaser
guy bought me a drink
cute waitress
came back