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Day 40 – San Antonio

—— Converted from outline form: 2013-9-19 ——

The bus stopped at a few places but I was to tired to notice where. We arrived in Houston to switch to another bus headed to San Antonio. I was temporarily confused by some guy helping me by telling me I didn’t need to re-check my baggage. I think after having the car stolen I had become very suspicious of people.

I had a bit of time to get some food at the local mart. Of course being a bus station,I was approached by another drug dealer who wanted a dollar for McDonalds or something. I got back on the bus, and once again had an entire two seats to myself, and I easily knocked out and slept most of that trip as well.

Texas was completely different than how I had imagined it. There were plenty of trees, lots of grass, lots of greenery out the window. I believe I had imagined something a lot more like the Sergio Leone movies. I was told that most of East Texas was green like what I saw.

Finally got to San Antonio and called Monique (another friend from the online world) telling her that the bus was about 5 minutes away. She picked me up at the station not long after I had arrived.

We got to her place and I put my things down. Monique and I chatted about things. I had no idea that she had a fake eye, and thought that was pretty awesome. Her dogs were at first very crazy and suspicious of me. One was very friendly and the other took a while, but both of them got accustomed to me fairly fast. We got on bikes and Monique showed me around San Antonio. We visited the Alamo, which wasn’t too interesting. We tried riding to the city square but got a little lost. Then to a sort of market place but nothing was happening there except a few touristy shops. Rode to a German restaurant where we met up with her husband Ed, who was a pretty awesome guy. He was a BMX stunt guy. At the restaurant we got some amazing root beer and some kind of meat which tasted great.

Then we left to check out some tree place. I guess we didn’t go since I wrote “locked off”. We rode around looking at various houses and chatting before heading back to the house. Once again the dogs went crazy. Did a bit of laundry, and worked on my computer. Talked to Ed about video things, and then watched something on television (Futurama or Family Guy) until late and went to bed on their really comfortable couch.

Now what’s weird is that I swear I went up to see Austin during this trip, and the only way I could have done so would have been a day trip during this day… but I didn’t write anything about it so either I’m confused and I’ve only been to Austin in 2008 and 2011 before moving there, or I didn’t write this in.

Day 41 – San Antonio

—— Converted from outline form: 2013-9-19 ——

Monique’s dogs barked me awake in the morning and then joined me on the couch. I got up and took a very cold shower because I had gotten the handles switched. Folded my laundry and then went out to get some great Mexican food – Beef Puffy Tacos. Monique needed to go to work at 11, so she dropped me off at the bus station before then.

There was a bit of confusion and I wasn’t sure how to interpret instructions from a guy who spoke indecipherable English. I got in line long after I should have because I wasn’t sure where and when the bus was going. Then I asked the guy what gate I had to be at and he said the bus was already loading, which was a WTF moment.

Anyhow, got on and sat next to a guy with a cowboy hat, which was totally Texas to me. I slept for a bit. Then the cowboy answered his cellphone and chatted for a while. He mentioned something interesting and the people in the seats in front of us started chatting to him. I jumped into the conversation when appropriate and we all started a nice little party on the Greyhound (which happens quite often actually). We talked about Texas stuff, military stuff, and all sorts of things that made up a good time between the many rest stops between San Antonio and El Paso. The cowboy was a guy named Sam, and happened to be Jewish, and a woman in front of my looked like a teacher I had at one time (Mrs. Barth).

[lost memory] I wrote down that we crashed in the middle of nowhere, but I don’t remember crashing at all. It was a desert area, and there was a beautiful sunset and clouds. I guess we got back on the bus and continued. Sam started to play some kind of bowling game on his cell phone and he was very good with it. At some point I observed the time zone changing too (I’m guessing this was on a cell phone’s clock).

We made a long stop to get some food (which happened to be Wendy’s), and then finally made it to El Paso in the evening. El Paso was a whole lot larger than I thought it was going to be. I got off the bus, said goodbye to Sam The Jewish Cowboy, and met up with my dad and one of my distant cousins.

To fill people in: Once the car was stolen in New Orleans, my family and I formulated a new plan where I would take the Greyhound bus to El Paso, and meanwhile my dad would drive his Jeep Grand Cherokee down from the Bay Area to meet up with me. Then we would drive together to Santa Fe to meet up with my mom, we would spend some time there, and then they would fly home and I would drive my dad’s car the rest of the trip.


So at this point we went to my cousin Arlene’s house. Arlene had many health issues in her life, and wasn’t doing so well. I didn’t, and still don’t know that side of my family too well, but Arlene has passed away since. That might have even been the last time I saw her. Anyhow, we talked a bit and I played with their two dogs Brisket and Brownie (or maybe we ate brisket and had brownies… the trip outline is unclear). But anyhow, we had decided that instead of burdening them with our presence we would stay in a hotel, so we said goodbye and headed to La Quinta, an I watched Family Guy and Futurama with my dad before sleeping.

My dad keeps a very detailed journal, much more than my own, and he was kind enough to give me his records of the day:

Wed, 14 Jul Hot with afternoon thunderstorm buildup.

Ben takes Greyhound bus to El Paso at 1:00 p.m. this afternoon. Arrives at 10:35 p.m. I drove to El Paso and visited with the Hutmans, Arlene, Mark and Patty.
I had breakfast with Nat and Eloise and left about 9 a.m. and drove East out of Phoenix on Hwy 60 to Globe (past the big open pit copper mines. This was where Lenny went to high school). At Globe I refueled ($1.79) and took Hwy 70 to where it met I-10 again at Lordsberg. Hwy 70 was all 2-lane but mostly straight and almost no traffic. I cruised at 75 most of the way.
I stayed on I-10 to El Paso, stopping at Deming for lunch at Denny’s. I called the Hutmans from there and got directions from Mark. I arrived at the Hutmans at 4:30, Arlene walked out to the living room to show strength but she’s essentially bed-ridden. Patty had a women’s dinner so Mark and I went by the LaQuinta to get a room and then to the Great American Stake House where I had brisket, way too much so I brought some back for Ben. While waiting for Ben to arrive, Arlene and I talked for over 2 hours catching up on family gossip.
Mark and I picked Ben up at 11 in the center of town Greyhound bus station, complete with a drunk and hooker. I immediately called Carol and handed the phone to Ben, she was finally relieved that Ben was indeed safe and sound. He did seem to handle himself well with a little bit of swagger. We brought Ben back to the Hutmans and visited with Arlene a little bit and then he had my leftovers and we went to the LaQuinta.

(Apparently Brisket and Brownie were references to food eaten, not the dogs’ names)

Day 13 – San Antonio

up and hanging out with monique and jonas
twin sisters vegetarian restaurant
to austin
drove down 6th
walked along congress and 6th
gas station
turtles in river
museum of weird
drove to imax but nothing playing
went to the alamo draughthouse theater and saw baghead
guinness milkshake and live oak hef
gas and girl who said hello
get coffee
congress bridge
not so thrilling
20 minute wait
cold bbq but alright
back to SA