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Day 2 – Salt Lake City

– woke
– drive
Woke up and left pretty much immediately. The drive to Salt Lake City was fairly uninteresting, though it can be considered pretty much our first real road trip drive.

– salt flats
– weird tree
At one point we hit the Salt Flats, which was this wiiiiiiide expanse desert of whiteness. It wasn’t snow… and it was weird. This one two lane road we went on that went straight through all of it. No cops on it, or barely any. We also passed this really weird tree that looked like some modern art futuristic tree out in the middle of nowhere (turned out to be some famous Utah attraction).

– checked the state legislature
– indian
– industry symbol
– sliding down rail
Got to Salt Lake City, and drove through downtown to the State Legislature at the top of a hill. Biiig building. Parked and walked around, viewing the various statues. A big indi- er, Native American statue. And then the white people that usurped his land were statued a few feet away. Took pictures and slid down the hand-rail.

– back through the town
– finding a hotel
– regan dies
Drove back through town to the cluster of cheap hotels. Found out Reagan died from the TV in some lobby. We went from hotel to hotel trying to find the cheapest choice, which turned out to be Motel 6. So got a room there, then went out again to explore the city.

Walked down the main street, and passed by the City Hall Building, which was beautiful and lovely, and the park area around it was tranquil and sweet. Then went to Carls Junior where we aggrivated our stomachs with cheap meat.

– walked into downtown
– checked out the city hall building
– carls junior
– Horse pee
– “It smells like applejuice”
So we were walking to the next attraction, whatever that may have been, which turned out to be a horse pissing. We were at an intersection, and one of those horse drawn carriages that went around the city pulled up to the crosswalk line (thankfully across from where we stood) and the horse just started pissing. Whipped out it thang and started pissing. AND OH MY GAWD, there was a whole river coming out of that stallion. It created quite a puddle in the middle of the street. People at the intersection were trying to hide the humor in the situation :D. And this poor little girl across the way witnessed all of this. When the crosswalk light changed to walk, we all walked around the puddle and I caught a little of the girl saying “It smells like apple juice!”
Oh so great.

– Big church
– being blasphemous
– “ooo look its a miniature version!”
– sitting on church steps
Ironically we then visited a church!
The Mormon population there is big, yes, but their church is HUGE!!! They have one building that’s like an office building style, which is weird, and then they have a big gothic style church. I like the feel of the stones. It was quite impressive, and amazing. They must really love their god. Anyhow, we made little blasphemies such as me sitting on the church steps and pointing out the family wearing striped shirts (really weird) and saying “ooo look its a miniature version!” in regards to a smaller church behind the big one (while in earshot of one of the curators).

– walked past SLC Convention center
– Trust Jesus graffiti
– walked back to hotel
– ass raping metal thing
Then did a quick walk around the SLC Convention center (Conviction center?). Saw some Shehuli glass art. Walked under a bridge that didn’t echo and had “Trust Jesus” graffiti. Back to the hotel, but on the way we saw some metal artistic silhouettes which at first glance one of them looked like a guy… well… nevermind.

– took computer to starbucks, which didn’t have wireless
– small walk through childish festival
– kinkos
Picked up the computer at the hotel, and drove to Starbucks but they didn’t have wireless. Walked through a children’s festival that wasn’t very interesting (saw a rock on a stick though… a statue of a rock on a stick…) and made our way to Kinko’s which had free internet!

– back to the hotel
– porno
– prince
Back to the hotel, and yes, HBO had porn on, which was a disturbing kind so we watched other stuff. Purple Rain, the 80s movie by Prince, was on, and that’s when it hit me. I looked at the TV. I looked at Sean. I looked at the TV. I looked at Sean. No difference. SEAN LOOKS LIKE PRINCE!!! He just needs the hair that he got cut before we left… THEY LOOK SO MUCH ALIKE. Amazing.