Day 3 – Dead Sea and Hike

So got up and on the bus. On the way to this one place we were going, our bus driver, Avi, went down a really narrow street and got stuck trying to turn out of it. But because of his awesome maneuvering skills we were all saved! But we didn’t go to the House of David place.

Drove to the Dead Sea, which was quite a long drive. We stopped at a tourist shop that had some nice stuff, and lots of Dead Sea bath accessories. I got some postcards.

Then went to the Dead Sea, and put our stuff aside and got in. IT WAS SO SURREAL. You really do float, and it’s incredibly fun and weird. It’s also a very nice temperature. I swam out a bit, swimming very awkwardly because when your whole body floats there’s a completely different dynamic in moving in water. Also you have to try really hard not to get the water in your eyes or mouth or any opening. And do NOT take a piss. I didn’t, but I’ve heard horror stories.

We went to a place nearby and put mud all over ourselves, and then when we washed it off our skin felt really really smooth. That was pretty awesome.

Then we got lunch at the local shop, which wasn’t too bad, and I bought some soap.

After that we drove to a nearby canyon for a hike. We saw Ibex and rodents, and walked along waterfalls. One waterfall we went to, I was about to go in the water but stepping towards it I felt a sharp pain in my food and found I had stepped on a sharp rock. I went to Coby (Coby-wan kenobi) our medic and he gave me a bandaid, and it healed up fast over the next two days.

The whole place there was amazing and so tropical. Wonderful and lush. We got to another huge waterfall. Next to it were some really cool squarish rocks that I thought were really awesome. It reminded me a lot of some hikes that I went on back in the Grand Canyon. Then we came back.

Went back to the hotel, and chilled on the patio outside the rooms. People were jamming and I updated my log outline. Then we had dinner and a meeting, and chilled a bit more before I just collapsed into bed. The next day would be very big and exhausting.

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