Day 3 – 6th

It was a fairly restless night because the group of Asian girls that had joined the room all had to get up in the morning, except it seemed that no one knew when they had to get up. Their cell phone alarms kept on going off time and time again. This one phone went off at least 8 times, and very loudly too. Finally in the small hours of the morning they all noisily got up and left.

Anyhow, later when it felt like my normal time of waking up I saw that there was snow everywhere outside, and decided to sleep in. After I couldn’t sleep in any longer, I got up and made myself some toast, tea, and stripped a banana. This was clearly a snow day, and the decision was made to spend a significant amount of time inside.

I got to know Daniel a bit more, and we hung out chatting. Eventually upon feeling a bit of cabin fever we decided to go out to get some “near beer” at the 1107 store. Apparently the only store that sells alcohol in Iceland is the government run shop, which was downtown. We figured we could try the lighter beer at the grocery story, which was about 2% and pretty nasty. In the world of liquids, I think only milk should ever be 2%. We started walking to the downtown area to find this booze store, and after buying some gloves and wandering around we couldn’t find anything. We ended up just strolling around and getting these cheap ham sandwiches – samloka – in a deli. Daniel had to piss pretty bad, but instead of walking into a store and asking to use the restroom he decided to piss in a small parking lot off the main street, and apparently a woman passed by him and expressed displeasure in his actions.

Came back and relaxed at the hostel. I read a bit more, and after I was tired of reading I found where the liquor store was, woke Daniel up from a snooze, and we made a run to the store (this time in his car). Upon arriving there we realized exactly what people meant by liquor being expensive in Iceland. They meant that liquor is expensive in Iceland. Daniel didn’t have the funds for that kind of luxury, but I decided it was worth investing in so I picked up three beers. We stopped by Bonus on the way back to pick up ramen, some toffee lollipops that lasted almost the whole month, and some lamb hearts. That last item was something we came across in the meat section, and found it to be very affordable. I related the story of how Warren once served us “mystery meat” that – surprise! – was heart. I remembered it being good, and Daniel was up to experiencing something new, which possibly might have been with it being a dull snow day, so we purchased it.

Back at the hostel I read some more and made myself a ramen dinner. A bit afterwards Daniel was ready to cook the hearts, but we didn’t know exactly how. We decided on boiling two, and frying one on a skillet. Daniel was pretty resourceful with the limited spices at the hostel, and through some magic we ended up with some actually very delicious lamb heart. And the beers were good too, which I ended up sharing with Daniel as appreciation for his cooking skills.

We retired to the room and chilled for a bit. I chatted a little with Maggie over iMessage, which works via wifi.

Also at this time I was really getting nervous about Christine. I still hadn’t heard from her, and supposedly she was getting into Iceland the morning after that night. I messaged her facebook, her email, even tried iMessage. I decided I would just show up at the airport when her flight supposedly got in, and cross my fingers. But then right as I was about to go to sleep I FINALLY got a message back from her confirming that everything was on schedule and she would be showing up on time, possibly even a little late because the plane was delayed. Went to sleep, eager to enjoy a better night of sleep.

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