Day 4 – 7th

Woke up at 5:45 to go pick up Christine
Car stuck in snow, had to dig out
Drive to airport, wrong turn
Airport, waited
Christine arrived
Parking ticket, also consulted car rental place about car, chose not to add her as an extra driver
Drove to hostel, packed bags and checked out
Walked around Reykjavik, showing Christine the various places
Got hot dogs from weird stand
Bought postcards
Explored church for 3rd time
Headed back
Drove to Siggi’s place
Met with Siggi
Locked outside while he took a shower
Finally got in, put our stuff down
Chatted with Siggi about various things over tea
Headed out to the Blue Lagoon
Drove all the way there but when we got there we were told the water was cold, so we had to come back another day
Drove to downtown talking about relationships and stuff
Went to Tapas place again, C had the same icelandic feast and i had the fish soup (not too bad)
After we drove back to Siggi’s and took a nap
C remained napping while i got up and read and drank tea and updated journal
Siggi’s cousin was there listening to some really strange music… Like ominous religious chanting… Creepy

I think we were so tired we just stayed in bed

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