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Day 1 – Flight to DC

Got off plane
Met Camille
Checked in at 4
walked around
Have you accepted Bill Nye into your life?
Horseshoe crab stuck between a rock and a hard place
Parking Fee
(writing journal with another pen)
Burger place, margherita
Couldn’t finish food
went to Great Falls
hiked path
Big waterfalls
went a way
To hotel
Checked in

Day 2 – DC Day 1

Slow getting up
Teaism breakfast
Salmon made me feel bad
Out to meet chriss but first… something?
Went to Chris’ mom’s house
Met up
Headed out
Abandoned place
Troubled children place
Books and papers everywhere
Peeling paint
Drooping roofs
Amazing abandoned stuff
Laundry place
Briefcase factory
Holding cells
Stolen vehicles
Got late
Ledo’s pizza and met Tess
Good times
back to hotel
Good times again
But a little aggravated
Couldn’t sleep well

Day 4 – Plane to Barcelona

Plane got to LHR late
Had to change tickets
Got the 2:05 flight
Wifi search and Ham sandwich – tasted like depression
used computer store for internet
got on plane
slept most of the way
got off plane
wifi search
converted money
shuttle (totally did not think about a bus or train)
got to place
left note for Anthony
walked around
finally got wifi
Plaza Rieal
Paella and Sangria
walked arund
loud parties outside (st patricks?)

Day 5 – Barcelona Day 1

Got up late
Breakfast at cafe
bad croissant
vending supermarket
Sagrada Cathedral
Walked to hospital
Tapas lunch – anchovies, octopi, etc –
Gaudii Park
metro to Paral-lel
Wrong stop
Walked to Magic fountain
Only Fri-Sat
sat around
Metro back
put stuff down
headed out to dinner
couldn’t find place
walked in huge circle
found right where we started the circle
Taverna Basca Irati
Walked around finding other bar
Bar next door to plan
nice bar lady owner gave us recommendations for crema catalan

Day 6 – Barcelona to Girona

Breakfast at La Pallaresa, the place the bartenderess recommended
pretty good crema catalunya
took the metro to Barcelonita
Saw place where my bag was stolen and phone booth I used to phone police
Walked down the beach
Saw fish statue
Got metro back to room
Got bags and went to marketplace
walked around marketplace
got sandwiches
good photos
train station
got on train to girona
walked to tourist information
went to nearby hostel and it was fine
put our stuff down and went back out
walked around the streets of the old town
walked to wall of city
tons of kids
good view
walked up to top of some tower
people carrying dog down the stairs
sadly hilarious
really amazing view with light rays on the city
walked down to the main cathedral
we were really hungry so made that our next priority
bridge photos
found a nice place and had three amazing dishes for a quite reasonable price
very friendly waiter (gay?)
then got gelato
walked around a bit more
went back to the hostel
went back out
anthony got a new jacket at some fashion store
girls who were raising money for red cross talked to us
told me I was like frodo
magic fountain! not
went to wine and cheese restaurant
great cheese of all varieties, okay wine
really hungry late at night so got shwarma next door also
creepy guy watching television in the hostel
played ping pong and cards
no one else was really social in the hostel

Day 7 – Girona, Figueres, Night train to Madrid

breakfast at the hostel
left bags at the hostel
walked around girona some more
some more photos
train to figueres
walked from station to dali museum area following other tourists
through market
stopped at local coffee shop
really good coffee
chess sets but no one playing
dali museum
way too many people, and way too much eurotrash
disrespectful kids
some really cool art, some really odd art
jewelry museum next
walked around
found a really great place for food
decorated a lot
went back to train
got next train back to girona
had lots of time
went to cinema museum
pretty cool things on display, including dick tracy’s hat, TMNT mask, and Leto’s robe from the Dune movie
walked more around Girona getting more photos
Really windy and cold
got our bags
Sat in a chocolate store drinking chocolate and beers
got some tapas there
got more tapas elsewhere
got on night train to madrid
shared compartment with some African man
I couldn’t really understand him that well
kind of uncomfortable but I was used to it, Derrick and Anthony weren’t
Met Jodi from Oregon
talked to her in the food car
had some toast
after talking to jodi for forever, went to bed

Day 8 – Night train, Flight to Lisbon

Arrived in Madrid
Went to the station cafe and stayed there the whole time waiting for our plane
Talked to Jodi, played Polish Poker
She left for Toledo
We went to the airport
Got to the station
Bought some kinder candy
Left for Lisbon
Met girls from Virginia
Got bus
long bus ride
cool graffiti of guy reaching through building
Arrived at Travellers
Really great welcome
Met up with girls
went out for lunch
Walked around
cool graffiti
Main square
Participated in keg
Lots of drinking
Went out for dinner
Got coffee and worst cake in the world from guy at cafe near church
Had a wonderful day
Left toy dog with purse for guy
back to hostel

Day 9 – Lisbon

Decided to go on Sintra tour
free breakfast
headed out with mustachioed guy who looked like a character in a Wes Anderson film
First to Sintra
Castle park
Unfamiliar one
Walked around more outdoors like place
Pretty nice
Lots of nice flowers
Good view of entire area
Walked down to pond
dead frogs and geese
Castle was disney like
to the van
lunch in main downtown area
cherry shots with chocolate
playing around with taking photos
then to other park mansion
familiar one
took others on tour
nice and familiar
really great to go back there…
afterwards returned
went to western most part of continental europe
feeling a little down for some reason
great colors of things
went back
ice cream
another stop just to hang out
and then back to the hostel
dinner at seafood place in backstreets
coffee place again

Day 10 – Lisbon to Porto

Up and headed to Belem
Got instructions on how to get there
walked to train station, bought tickets
got on trolley to Belem
went to Pasteis de Belem, delicious
walked to first monument (columbus?)
Walked to second monument (castle in water are)
Didn’t go in because didn’t think it was worth it
Walked back to the trolley
Went back to Lisbon
Walked up to the fort/castle
Enjoyed the view, walked around
Like I remembered
had lunch at cafe, terrible, anthony and derrick had some kind of quishe and I had some small pastry
left back to the hostel
picked up bags and headed to train station
long walk but made it
got train to Porto
Nice sunset
Got off at the wrong stop
got back on the train
got to porto
walked to hostel place
first hostel was booked
second hostel (the one we originally wanted to go to) was good
got a top top floor room
bed was wet?
headed out for dinner
omg amazing, changed our lives
went for wine and dessert in main plaza area
funny wine waiter guy
back and to sleep

Day 11 – Porto Day 1

Went to famous bookstore
not so impressive, but still quite nice
crowded with tourists
Breakfast near main square
pasteis and coffee
Walked down to riverside
very nice, beautiful old buildings
motorcycle race?
walked down riverside
passed by fashion show, decided to check it out later
continued walking
walked up to weird building park, dome with portholes around it
school fields of education exhibit inside, people demonstrating different cool things in their fields
went to oddly shaped music museum, comet thing
skate punks
sat around
walked back to riverside
brief trip into trolley museum but didn’t actually go in
went to fashion show
managed to sneak our way in, very cool
waited around looking at weirdly dressed people
I was definitely not dressed for the occasion, somewhat amusing, cheap clothes
went in
saw the shoes show
finished, hung around a little and then left
walked back to the hotel
went out trying to find famous francesinha, when we got there we were just too late to get in
got directions to two other famous places, went there
played the wait list line for the two restaurants, settled on which ever we got in first
delicious again
walked back to our area
ice cream
ice cream defeated derrick
back to the hostel
went out to bar area, chaotic, walked around but didn’t get anything. insane
hung out with derrick until he needed to leave

Day 12 – Porto Day 2

Breakfast behind hostel
playing Queen
Headed to caves
Amazing view from bridge
walked across, up to hill, more photos
Walked down a bit toward port distilleries
Walked into Taylors, looked good enough
Waited for next tour while sipping port
Really relaxing room, very good port
Fuzzy chicken
Old books
Tent ceiling
Took tour, fascinating
Very enjoyable
They didn’t ship to the states so we tried to figure out who sold them
Went down to the riverside
Ate some tripe for lunch, not that good. I didn’t like the texture
Took photos
Signed up for the Sandeman tour
Tour was a lot more commercial
Had to pay
Much larger, corporate company
When had tasting, clearly wasn’t as good as Taylors, and cost a bit more in fact
Left, heading back to hostel
Bought tickets to Tunes
Withdrew money from “Deutsche Bank” (operated by another bank but after complaining to BofA they rescinded charge)
Also bought tickets online for bus from Lagos to Cordoba
Went back to famous Francesinha place but it was closed :(((
Walked around and eventually got fish for dinner. Or was it? Anthony had fish, I had something I don’t remember.
Great sunset

Day 13 – Porto to Lagos

Checked out
walked around
breakfast near main plaza
bought port/water
sat in small square
moved to shadier place
lunch at place run by just one guy
took a while to get served and check but it was alright
then to hostel
picked up stuff
train station
to Lagos
long train ride
girl with glittery disco ball shirt
nowhere to buy tickets and no platform indication
followed other people
very bad directions
very lost
finally got there with help of police and map

Day 14 – Lagos Day 1

Started the day with a pleasant breakfast and then hiking
Hiked along the entire trail of beaches in Lagos
abandoned small house
hiked all around “secret” trails
many photos
stopped for lunch (hamburger)
residential area
doown and up beach
along cliffs
back to hostel
made sea-mobile
played music
hung out
Australians playing Kings Cup
went down to beach and had small bonfire but it was too windy

Day 15 – Lagos Day 2

slight hangover
out for pastry and bought postcards/sandals (pastries at really good bakery)
short trip to beach
returned to beach with journal
filled in expenses and a bit of the log
walked around beach combing a bit
found amazing shell
shortly after lost it
searched for a long long time for it
couldn’t find it
oh well
sat around
explored area over wall
very cheap soup and bread lunch
back to the hostel
had indian food for dinner
can’t remember too much more about the night

Day 16 – Lagos Day 3

Decided to go explore the abandoned houses on the hills
got breakfast/lunch at cafe odeon
wrap, and some kind of shake (beer shake?)
went back to hill area
started down path
surprisingly well traveled and easy to get to abandoned houses
went from house to house
taking photos
found shotgun shells
some good graffiti, some bad
very chill dog guard, but didn’t see him until i was right next to him
blue place
went to every place
surprised by some kind of animal
walk along the cliffs
came back
stopped at supermarket for soap, crackers, etc
went back for pasteis
hung out at the hostel
I think i tried taking a nap
A little bit of rain
went back out and had chinese for dinner
pretty damn good chinese food
back to hostel and of course can’t remember the night, but probably drank

Day 17 – Lagos Day 4

On our fourth day in Lagos we relaxed
Walked around town
Saw more interesting graffiti
For lunch had some very greasy piri piri chicken. It was very good
At it in the park
Back to the hostel
Went out to get pizza at Luigi’s
It was great
Met a guy who had a place in Chefchaouen
He had natty dreds and a dog who he fed pizza
Decided to investigate it
Hung out in kitchen area
Rory and his friend acted obnoxious
Decided to go out
went around to different bars
Anthony went back early
I decided to stay out
Drank quite a lot but not so much
Cute girl but she had a boyfriend
After a long exhausting night came back

Day 18 – Lagos to Cordoba

Got up early
Walked through the rain to get to the bus station
Gave map to these guys just getting there
Waited at the bus station, very tired, a bit hungover
The bus ride was very pleasant. Fell in and out of consciousness
Nice cities that we passed by
Bus to Seville
Got off bus, had difficulty finding directions to the train station
got on another bus
Made the train
Got into the station
Walked from the station down the park to the hostel
Checked in. HI so kind of sterile…
But had a nice view
Got some “Lunch” whatever that means
Went out and walked around
Checked out the cathedral area
Went to square and got Oxtail, which was delicious (Anthony had paella)
went to the supermarket and got some supplies
Went to get frozen yogurt at Smooy
Saw a few processions around
Nice sunset
Went out to see some Semana Santa ceremony
Very religious, not festive at all
People singing and some woman shouting in Spanish
Band playing, kids being disrespectful
After a while we left
Walked down to the Roman Bridge
very nice looking at night
We were tired so went back to the hostel and slept

Day 19 – Cordoba

Got up and got breakfast
Anthony came down at 9, but they said breakfast was closed, weird, it was supposed to close at 10
Anyhow, got some directions, headed out
went to tourist information center, they weren’t helpful at all
Walked around jewish quarter a bit
Walked around old city a bit
Went to the Inquisition museum, which was full of all sorts of torture devices. And as much as I wanted to think about it in a historical context, I couldn’t help think about how people these days use these devices as sexual fetishes
Went to main church/mosque area
Some religious ceremony in progress
Weird lulav like shakers and people with olive branches
Priests walking to the gateway, saying some words, making some blessings, then walked back
We weren’t allowed in the church, didn’t know why, guy was really mean
He let other people in but not us? Why? I have no idea… That got me really pissed off
I didn’t like cordoba
Went to the jardinez de alcazar
walked around the gardens, it was nice and pleasant but to go up to the towers was excruciatingly painful because of so many people we had to wait for going up and down narrow stairs
Got some nice shots of flowers
Roman bridge
Couldn’t get to the waterwheel
Walked around more
Went to the San Francisco area
Then found the Roman Pillars
Behind a lot of construction and fences, not interesting
Went to the roman bath house, even more unimpressive and somewhat neglected too
Went to the main square and decided to wait for the Semana Santa festival
Got ice cream
The festival was not really a festival…
it wasn’t even a parade
it was a procession. Really solemn faces. In KKK like hoods
Religious floats being carried
Between them there were bands and kids in KKK costumes holding giant candles
It was… really boring
Across the way there was a beautiful woman who I snuck glances at, but she turned out to be married with a kid.
Stayed there for three hours
Left, but almost impossible to get back because the procession was throughout the city
Once we got back to the main church there were all sorts of people hanging out
We found a churro cart
DELICIOUS churros with chocolate sauce
Ended the day

Day 20 – Cordoba to Granada

Got up at a good hour
Had breakfast
Found out where the Barclays ATM was
Packed and headed out
Anthony forgot something so he had to go back and get it, that was ok since we were ahead on time
Stopped at the ATM on the way to the station
Almost at the station when we saw a clock…
It was strange since it looked like a pretty important clock, but according to our time it was running an hour ahead
That’s when we realized we had spent the past two days in Spain on a completely different time zone, thinking it was an hour behind, which is why Anthony was rejected from breakfast
So we ended up being 30 minutes late for a train that we were going to be 30 minutes early to
Anyhow, since we missed the train we found a bus that was leaving not too much later
Sat around, had some lunch, walked around some park area in the north of the city
Finally got on the bus
Made our way to Granada
Beautiful countryside, filled with green and olive trees
Really fantastic cities on the way. Maybe it was a good thing we took the bus.
Got into Granada
Got conned into buying a map for a Euro
Took the bus to our hostel
Really amazing nice place, friendly woman who was managing the desk
Gave us a good map and explained exactly where to go and what to do
Learned that we had to reserve tickets for the Alhambra, so put it on our to do list
It was a bit cloudy but we headed out anyway
Walked up the hill
Started raining so we purchased cheap umbrellas
Since we couldn’t reserve tickets decided to get up early and do it the next day
walked up to the st nicolas viewpoint
Very cloudy view of the castle
Not so great
Lots of tourists
Tried to find nearby tapas
found an amazing place
Had Fried Eggplant, made like french fries and doused in honey. it was absolutely amazing
and the other food was also good.
Walked around the hill area
Tried to get up to a lookout point
Found a great place
Stayed there for a while watching the sun set over Granada
Got some great photos
Even a rainbow
Walked over to the flamenco club area
They couldn’t take us that night so we made reservations for the next day
Went back to the hostel
Decided instead of going out we would take advantage of their kitchen and make some pasta
Met our friend Tim from Florida
Went and got spaghetti
Made spaghetti and wine
Somehow afterwards I think … did we do something? I can’t remember

Day 21 – Granada

Woke up way too early and headed to the bus station. Got the bus along with other tourists and we headed up the windy road towards the Alhambra ticket office. When we got there the line was already very very long.

met couple, south africa and italy
can’t remember names
got coffee
waited for a long time
finally got tickets for the afternoon
split up
anthony and i walked back down
explored the cathedral area
tourist market area
water fountain
coffee and croissant, funny guy tried to charge me too much
walked around back streets
walked back up to the alhambra area
went into carmen garden place
very pleasant garden
walked up and over hill with olive trees
walked to viewpoint and took some photos
came back towards the castle and had lunch in the cheapest place we could find
horrible food
brought out my pizza first, i almost finished it before they brought out anthony’s food
met up with couple again
explored the alhambra
first the generalife
and then the alhambra
very nicely decorated…
intricate design work
started to rain a bit
said goodbye to couple
finished touring the place, getting a bit miserable because of the rain
walked back to the hostel through the rain
went to grocery store and got dinner
made spaghetti with Tim
very cheap
drank a whole bunch of wine
went to flamenco
walked fast and made it just before they started
really interesting, but different than my experience in 2007 in madrid
Afterwards headed back and then to bed

Day 22 – Granada to Ronda

Laundry situation
Had to wait for that
went out
Morning Tapas
beers and free tapas at knight place
pretty good food
back, picked up laundry
went to train station with tim
Train to Ronda
said cya to tim
walked from station to hostel
amazing view from porch
very nice kid managing the place
headed out
went to bridge
walked around
went down pathway
lots of photos
Can’t remember lunch…
Lunch (Tapas)
bought Cheese and cake
ate on hostel porch with view of bridge
went to dinner across the street
lots of tapas, pretty good
finished the day, sleep

Day 24 – Chefchaouen

depressed about losing bag
2 dreams about recovering it
walked around
up to top of hill and good view from city wall
started raining so went back
booked hotel 2 more nights
just left it on the other side of the room and roommates found it
waited for rain to pass
went out
walked around again
started raining again
lunch chicken couscous
met tim again
walked around town again
went up to cemetery and “ruined” mosque
walked back
tea and coffee
agreed to meet later or next morning
went back to hostel
socialized with roommates
graffiti guy
sleep early