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Day 01 – Boston to Philadelphia

Alright, it’s about time I start writing up this journal. It’s mostly outlined. Over the next few months I plan to occasionally add another day to this record, the Europe journal, and possibly even start writing up the 2004 road trip. Photos have yet to be sorted, but they will come as well.

So an excited group of three people set off into the world. Stopping at the gas station to fill up, we set the trip marker to 0. Our first stop was to pick up a tent, though this was something we had done before. The problem was that we just didn’t have the right poles to the tent. So we went back to Building 19, the greatest sorta-thrift store in the world, and fixed the tent mix up. We even arranged the tent in the parking lot just to make sure we got it all right. This was also that fateful place where we picked up some classic elements of the trip. Jerry O’s was a great cheerio cereal knock off with some awesome creepy pictures on the box. They also had this creepy clown coin machine where you’d put in a quarter and get some kind of toy in return and the clown would say something incredibly creepy. Adrienne got a bracelet and a ricky martin necklace, which we had on our rear view mirror for the entire trip, and I got two wrestler finger puppets, which we combined with one other toy to create GORO, the ultimate dashboard fighter.

Finally we headed off at one o’clock south bound on 95. Stopped at a mexican place in Providence, RI. That was alright but nothing special, and continued down. Encountered a huge storm, but we got through it and continued down on through the Jersey Turnpike. I think because I couldn’t reach the CDs I had brought and because we didn’t have a tape deck converter to play our iPods, we resorted to listening to the radio where we found this awesome detective radio show called “Escape” which narrated itself as we drove down to Philadelphia.

Came to our place of residence for the night, Jacob’s house. He’s a friend of Adrienne, and he’s incredibly witty. Chilled around, and another Adrienne (but a guy Adrienne) came over. Jacob made us spaghetti and we watched Venture Brothers.

And that was the end of day one. Well on our way without any problems.

Day 02 – Philadelphia to Virginia Beach

We woke up at Jacob’s place, and his dog decided to excitedly join Mike in bed. That was fairly amusing. We then said goodbye and made our way to Pat’s, the one of two famous cheesesteak places in Philadelphia. It actually did not taste good at all! All the rumors were just lies. I’ve had much better cheese steak. And what is this cheese whiz stuff? Totally gross.

We then made our way to the large market place and stopped at a place called “Basic 4” which had a vegan cheesesteak for Mike and AJ. I meanwhile got a Banana Honey milkshake, which was actually amazing.

We then continued to drive down 13, through Delaware and that gigantic peninsula. Is that a peninsula? Anyway, that had us avoiding the traffic of Washington DC and Baltimore. There is this gigantic bridge that connects Delaware to Virginia, and it costs about $12 to cross. It was a very strange bridge because you would look out beyond it and just see sea for miles and miles and only this bridge stretching into the far beyond. The Chesapeake Bridge?

We made it to Virginia Beach and decided to check into the hotel later and just go to the beach. Parked and got into our swimsuits, and headed out to the beach. The water was fantastic. It was sunny, and friendly, and just so great. We brought a frisbee and played with it in the waves. Then we all decided to fight the ocean, drop kicking it and punching it and crashing into it. Sometimes this resulted in injury, but we were all fine.

Then while we were relaxing AJ and I discussed this hot girl farther down the beach which we could not tell how good her face looked. Then Mike got buried in sand and arose like a zombie.

After all that we went to an “Irish” pub and I got some really delicious shepherd’s pie.

Made our way to the Motel 6, dropped off our stuff, and tried to find out about a carnival we saw on the way there. But when we tried to find it again we found it had closed and instead went back to the beach to just chill. The moon was out and it was all very relaxing and nice. Drank on the beach a bit.

Then headed back to sleep.

Day 03 – Virginia Beach to Lexington

We started out from Virginia Beach up through West Virginia. Stopped somewhere for some Mexican food that was pretty good. The mountains in West Virginia seemed to really impress Mike. I guess that’s what living in Minnesota is like.

We drove and drove and finally got to Lexington. Oh we stopped at a rest place right before there while the sun was going down and got some cool pictures. Checked in to the hotel, and then following Rachel’s paper of things to do in Lexington, we went downtown. We first stopped at the gas station to pick up some Ale 8, which is Kentucky’s native soda. It was alright. Found the bar named Busters and lemme tell you about it. This bar was AWESOME. They had $1 PBRs, and free pool and darts, and huge blackboards that covered the wall with chalked names everywhere. It had a good atmosphere, wasn’t too dark, wasn’t too loud, and if you wanted music there was a live music venue right next door! This place was the ultimate bar. Unfortunately the place was closing that weekend! Very tragic.

So after hanging out at Busters for a while we went over to The Dame next door to listen to two bands. We then came back to the hotel and slept.

Day 04 – Lexington

Started off the day going to the Kentucky Horse Farm. This place was really gorgeous and we went there on a hot clear day. Paid entrance and waited at the horse riding thing. We then each got a horse to ride – mine was named Indigo – and headed out on this trail in a single file line. It was really relaxing and chill. Adrienne’s horse started straying off the path a bit so I went ahead of her, but the girl in front of her did not know how to make her horse go very fast so my horse practically had his face in the other horse’s ass. Felt sorry for him. I think the girl was afraid to kick the sides of her horse… I could also tell that my horse was hungry as he kept on stopping and trying to eat various leaves and grasses. It was fine but I really would like to ride a horse in a much more free environment where I could take him/her anywhere.

After that we went to the horse museum they had there. There are so many different breeds of horses that I had no idea existed! Anyway, after that we headed back out.

Drove to the Four Roses whiskey distillery. It actually smelled like roses there. Went on the tour but could barely hear the tour guide in some parts. When we went into the main mash room it smelled very musky and reminded me of the unfermented beer they had available to try at the Heineken factory. She then gave us sips of Moonshine/White Lightning, which is straight from the distillery 100+ proof alcohol. It was strong but interesting. Then came back and tried their three levels of whiskey, and we each bought a bottle of the middle quality. Very tasty. Though I think because we had the whisky in the hot car, it lost the good taste after a while on the trip.

After the distillery we went on what Rachel said was a “scenic” drive, but we were all tired and it didn’t seem very scenic so we just went back to the hotel. Rested.

Then we went back out to Busters. Had a few beers and Adrienne decided to go check out the live music next door. Mike and I didn’t want to pay the cover so we played darts a bit, and then walked around the square. We found this Goodfellows Pizza place which had some amazing pizza. We also found a really hot girl painting a Guinness advertisement on the side of a restaurant and chatted with her for a while. After that we found a large fountain, and in a moment of spontaneity, we each walked through it and got drenched. That was incredibly fun and we walked around some more drying off.

We then met up with AJ who had made her way to the theater somehow with this Matt guy. He worked there and supposedly it was really cool inside. Matt then told us about this hot dog place near the university, so we went there and it was pretty tasty. I played a round of X-Men against Mike and lost, and I don’t think he got too far either. I think Matt was trying to flirt with AJ but she was dedicated to her boy back in Seattle so he was out of luck.

Headed back and to sleep.

Day 05 – Lexington to Louisville

We started off North to Ohio in the morning. Made it to Cincinnati, but after calling Lilly for information on things to do in both Cincinnati and Indianapolis, we were kind of left still wondering what we were up for. As for Cincinnati, we just went to a Thai restaurant. I can’t really remember what I had, but it wasn’t that great from what I remember.

We decided to move on, but it turns out Cincinnati is impossible to leave. So after getting lost and really angry, we finally found our way to the highway and to Indianapolis. There wasn’t really anything there either, so we parked and walked around the whole city.

There was a monument, and a square, and a beggar who wanted to give us directions for money. I can’t really remember if we had dinner and where… but all in all we weren’t too impressed.

We then just drove our way down into Louisville, found a motel, and slept.

Day 06 – Louisville to Murfeesburough

We got up not too early and headed to the Louisville Slugger Museum. We got a tour of the factory, which wasn’t as… Willy-Wonka-esque as I had wanted, but whatever. We got to see how the bats were made, and a bit of baseball history here and there. After the tour we each got these tiny mini bats. Then we went to the gift store and each of us ordered a personalized baseball bat. This of course was one of the main goals on my list for this road trip, and though it was way too expensive, I submitted my cash.

While waiting for the bats to be personalized, we went to the nearby “Mexican” restaurant. I say “Mexican” because we had some discussion about how it was actually not really Mexican food at all… It involved spelling things wrong and I seem to recall I did not see any Latino people there at all.

Anyhow, picked up the bats and then made way to Bonnaroo. Now, the reason why we weren’t going to Bonnaroo is because a) there weren’t many bands that were playing that we liked, b) they would not sell us one day passes and c) we were not budgetly endowed enough to buy tickets for the complete four days. But we went there to meet Adrienne’s friend Will, who was a good guy that had been at my house long before in a very drunken state. We decided to meet him at Walmart. We went there and it was being taken over by hippies. They were EVERYWHERE. and looked pretty dirty. But that plan was messed up due to Will meeting us at the west gate. After confusion and driving back and forth for a while, we finally picked up Will.

First we headed to Waffle House, and picked up a pretty good meal. Chatted about good times, and then headed off to Walmart again to get stuff for Will. Dropped him off at the gate again and headed back out.

We looked for a place to stay along the way that would be cheap and found one in Murfeesboro. Dropped stuff off at the motel and went to the nearby Asian restaurant for dinner. Then we decided we wanted to go to a bar so we took off trying to find downtown. Found a good bar and sat down to have drinks and listen to the live bands. The first band came on and they were alright, and then the Hellbillies came on and they were pretty good. They had this hot girl with weird sunglasses up on stage.

We drank quite a bit, especially AJ who got a million free drinks from a million guys. Mike and I danced a bit and I accidentally knocked his beer which spilled a bit onto this large girl sitting nearby and she just gave us the meanest dirtiest ugliest look yall ever saw in the South. Anyhow, AJ and I were sitting outside and one of AJ’s courters invited us to an after party. We figured sure, we’d go, and we were told the directions. We waited for Mike to close his tab, but Mike wasn’t coming out. I went in looking for him and found him chatting to some girl at the bar. So I decided to give him a few more minutes. Finally when we couldn’t wait any longer I went in, told the girl “Look, we gotta go so can you just give him your number so we can leave?” and she was like “Oh no! I wasn’t flirting with him” and held up her hand and pointed to her ring. Hah! I don’t think Mike caught that until she pointed it out. Anyhow, we left to try to find the after party but completely forgot where it was, so instead we just drove back and slept.

Day 07 – Murfeesburough to Memphis

In the morning we all got up except AJ seemed to be experiencing one of the worst hangovers of her life. We headed out anyway and while driving she threw up three times. Luckily none of it in the car!

We went to one of the most awesome junk stores on the way. It had all sorts of crappy $1 DVDs and awful porcelain statuettes. Spent a good amount of time there.

Anyhow, drove and drove while simultaneously contacting Matt about when we were going to arrive and directions to his place. We ended up getting there a lot sooner than I had predicted and Matt was out, so we parked and witnessed a gay pride parade that was happening. It was a very long parade, and tons of pictures were taken. Everyone was so gay! Anyhow, Matt came down to meet us and we went back to his place and chilled at his house for a while. We chatted and met his wife, Dana (is that right?), and cat. It was all in all a very good time. Then we went out into the city to get dinner at a Thai place. We would have gotten it at this other restaurant which smelled awesome, but the wait was something like light years long.

After that we went to Beale St. which was a lot like New Orleans’ Bourbon St. with more authentic music and a bit more concentrated. Tons of neon lights and sketchy frat boys. On the way we went into this old shop with lots of souvenir and oddball things. Then we left for this bar that in years past had been a brothel. It was actually really cool and seemed to have a nice atmosphere. They still had the rooms that were from the brothel, which were interesting to go into and would make really cool hang out rooms. We went into this room with a piano and a second bar and chilled there for a while. On the way out we met some more of Matt’s friends who stole AJ away from us. Went back to the house and I fell asleep in the middle of watching one of the terrible DVDs we had bought named Laser Mission.

Day 08 – Memphis

In the morning we chilled at Matt’s house for a bit. He made us watermellon for breakfast! Which was awesome. Then we left for Graceland.

Graceland is a bit odd because it consists of a few museums that cover each aspect of Elvis’ life. But what’s odd about it is that there are about twice as many gift shops than museums! I mean, they were really pushing the merch. And all of the gift shops sold roughly the same things! Anyhow.

We took the tour of his mansion, which was pretty cool because each room had its own design. I would love to live in a place like that. I mean without the tourists walking through all the time. I distinctly remember the room with the multiple televisions, and also the room with the pool table that had a really cool fabric ceiling that was pleated. (I don’t think I’ve ever used the word pleated before). It was cool seeing all the cult history. Though no one mentioned my WWED shirt.

We saw his grave, and I had this brilliant idea to get some bacon and leave it on the grave, and I tried to work out in my head how we could have done it… but sadly didn’t. Actually in retrospect, I had imagined Elvis’ grave being in a graveyard setting, not at his house.

We then went around to the other museums… The cars he drove, his costumes, his airplane, his war experience, etc etc. Then went to a gift shop and bought some Elvis glasses. But the only size that really fit me were the kid’s size, but they kinda still squeeze my head a bit. I guess I can only wear them on special occasions.

We then had lunch at Picadelli’s Cafe, in which we were the only white people. Those situations are always odd to me since I’m not used to being a minority. Anyhow, the food was pretty good. Then we came back to the house and relaxed. We did some laundry, and watched A Clockwork Orange.

Then Matt came back and we went to the Deli for food and beers. And then sleep.

Day 09 – Memphis to Hot Springs

Left Memphis and said farewell to Matt. It was only a few miles outside of the city that I got a call from him saying he missed me, no actually that we had forgotten my CD binder back at his place. Oh well, I decided they weren’t that critical and I would send him the money to get the CDs back. To this day I still haven’t sent him that money, and he still hasn’t sent me the CDs, but I know he’s keeping them safe and sound. I’ll get around to it.

So we drove on down to Hot Springs in Arkansas, which was a little town very much like what I’d expect to see out in the West actually. But it was quaint. Our first stop was the Alligator Farm, which was pretty rockin. We pet a baby deer and a baby goat in the same pen. I know some day they will grow up and have to fight each other, but it was cute how the food we were giving them was larger than their mouths could handle.

We walked around and saw the various other animals. More goats, a mermaid, tons upon tons of alligators that were just chillin, a mountain lion that was truly awesome, some monkeys, various birds, peacocks and raccoons. It was really hot so a lot of the animals were just trying to stay cool. Halfway through the time that we were there, a group of kids came in and you could tell all the animals were thinking “Oh god not more kids.” And kids will be kids and highly obnoxious when it comes to annoying the animals and trying to get them move. Anyhow it was a pretty good time, and I got some really good pictures of alligator eyes and raccoon paws. AJ picked up an alligator hand back scratcher that seemed pretty efficient.

After the farm we went over to the Wax Museum which was creepy as a clown mailman. I could tell that they were really trying with the realism, but it just wasn’t quite human and seeing that familiar yet deranged versions of celebrities was just… unsettling. Everybody knows celebrities are made of plastic, not wax. We saw the pope, and elvis, and some alice in wonderland characters, and possibly the craziest version of the Seven Dwarves that I shall ever see.

After all that excitement we went to have lunch in a small cafe with model airplanes hanging all over the place. They didn’t have any catfish so I think I had some sort of sandwich.

Then we headed over to the “bath houses” which were more like museums. I don’t really know if there are functioning bath houses in Hot Springs, but I was kind of disappointed. Though the water fountains were hot and steaming, which must look really cool when it’s colder outside.

We asked directions to the best place to camp, and to the grocery store, and we picked up some supplies and headed over to the campgrounds near Lake (I had to look this up) Ouachita. It was extremely windy there and not too comfortable, but we managed to set up the tent and fire with perseverance. Had a bit of a time looking for wood but we managed to find a bit. We then stuck hot dogs on sticks and cooked them over the fire and drank a buncha booze, just like real Arkansasians. We chilled by the fire, and Mike and I took a walk around the camp sights. Then we retired.

Day 10 – Hot Springs to New Orleans

Got up in the morning and decided to try out the “beach” at the campsight. A beach in the middle of Arkansas, just needed to reflect on that for a moment. We put on some swimming gear and tried it out, but it was awfully cold and we didn’t really last too long there. We headed on out, and though we got a little lost getting back to the main southern highway, we got there eventually. On the way though we decided to randomly choose a breakfast place we saw on the side of the road and it was amazing! Everything you’d expect from a cheap breakfast food diner, with pretty good coffee and pretty good breakfast food and really nice people at the counter. I hope that’ll be my impression of Arkansas.

The next drive was to New Orleans, back to a place that I once entered with a car and left on a bus. For that story you’ll have to ask me or read it when I get around to writing it up in this journal.

So we didn’t really have a plan for a hotel, but after stopping at a Days Inn nearby we found it was $62. That wasn’t too bad considering our distance from downtown and alternatives. So we decided on that place and unpacked our stuff.

We headed into the city, and found a pretty lucky parking space nearby the French Quarter. First off I took Mike and AJ on a quick tour down Decateur street, finding all that stuff familiar. At the end of the street though we found people filming a movie, not so ironically called Mardi Gras, and staring good ol’ whats her name. After wandering around a bit, we stopped in at a place called Flannigans for a beer or two, and then walked over to another random place called Coop’s. Now Flannigan’s was what I would expect in New Orleans, you know, just a bar to serve as a bar. But Coop’s was actually a really nice atmosphere and had all the things I liked about a bar – good lighting, choosable music with a jukebox, extremely friendly bartenders and servers, and real greasy delicious food. And an average selection of beers. We spent some time in there and got to know the bartenders and had a good time.

We wanted to explore more of the bar options, so we headed over to a place called The Dungeon, which pretty much was themed like the name. We heard rumors of kinky stuff being done in that place… But seemed alright. Like Flannigan’s, it seemed like a bar I would expect to be in New Orleans.

At some point we went back to Flannigan’s. That night was strangely foggy in my memory, and I remember getting pretty drunk. Mike drove us back, bless the kind hearted chap. And somehow got to sleep.

Day 11 – New Orleans

Got up and because of the convenience of having an IHOP built into the Days Inn, that’s where we went for breakfast. It was pretty terrible but affordable. After that we researched Air Boat tours just a little bit and headed off to the location. Had a bit of trouble getting there because there were about 5 different highway 90s and we had to crisscross a bridge twice because we took a wrong turn. But eventually made it there just on time.

We got on the boat and they supplied us with these ear covers to help with the noise. I wanted to be manly so I didn’t use them at all. The boats were cool though, they just flew over the water and were really fast. We didn’t even go the full speed of the boat and I really enjoyed it. The weather was fantastic too so that was great. We went through the man made canals with trees dripping with green foliage all around us. And soon enough we found our first alligator. The tour guide was this old leathery guy who you could tell had seen a lot in his day. He proceeded to feed the various alligators marshmallows because apparently that’s what they like. We made various stops all along the place and went through true Bayou country. I was half expecting to see a broken down house with some creepy guy playing banjo on the porch. Also I couldn’t stop thinking about Gambit being from there.

We stopped in this large marshy place and he brought out a small alligator (he pretended to grab out of the water but actually just had in the back) and let us hold it. It was really cool and cute and I almost ate it. We tried to feed it a dragonfly but apparently it was either not hungry or too scared to eat it. Maybe thought it was poisoned.

There was also this really old oil pipeline thing we passed by which looked incredibly cool. Like something out of a steampunk convention, with various wheels all around it, and rust.

We headed back to the dock, and drove off towards the downtown area again. This time we walked a bit along the river, which was nice until some con artists pulled us aside and played the whole “I bet I can guess where you got your shoes” trick with Mike. I had seen it before and I should have said something, but let it go. The answer, for all those unfamiliar with the con, is “You got them on your feet!” Anyhow, it was this woman who was pregnant and some pimp I suppose who then proceeded to put soap on Mike’s shoes and “shine” them, which was awful, and I can’t remember how much Mike gave them but it was kind of hilarious.

We walked by a couple shops and eventually found the cafe I had visited four years ago, named Envie. It’s at the corner of the french market and we stopped there to relax a bit. Then we had a really crappy lunch at the place on the corner. The bartender was kind of an ass, and the food took forever to be made, and they were playing that awful movie with Jackie Chan and Jet Li. Anyhow, we then went to a hookah bar, and started chatting with the locals at the table next to us. They were really cool and we had a nice time. The movie set was being filmed outside and we watched a few fake floats pass buy. Apparently there was a stand in for whoever was the star of the movie.

We then walked down Bourbon St. Bourbon Street, if you haven’t been there, is like Frat Row with lots of advertised sex and alcohol. A bit obnoxious, and too many backward baseball hats. Got one of those Hand Grenade drinks, though I didn’t have much since I was the designated driver. While walking along the street there was some guy who touched the back of my head, and smiled at me when I turned around. I have no idea what that meant, but I’m guessing it’s a code that he wanted to have sex with me. I politely was flattered and smiled back as he walked away. Sometimes life would be easier if I swung that direction.

Anyhow, we went back to Coop’s and hung out there for a bit before leaving and heading back to the hotel for some sleep.

Day 13 – San Antonio

up and hanging out with monique and jonas
twin sisters vegetarian restaurant
to austin
drove down 6th
walked along congress and 6th
gas station
turtles in river
museum of weird
drove to imax but nothing playing
went to the alamo draughthouse theater and saw baghead
guinness milkshake and live oak hef
gas and girl who said hello
get coffee
congress bridge
not so thrilling
20 minute wait
cold bbq but alright
back to SA

Day 17 – Galena to Madison

bad dreams
reltless and sick
beautiful breakfast
parker the dog
detour through iowa
drive to madison
cheese place in medfort
walk down state st
thrift shop
camping mocks the homeless
walk to monroe
walk back to car
drive to motel
dodgeball movie
out to “brothers” 1.50 pints x3
johnny o’s – whiskey on rocks
to some other bar
walked around block
girl’s 23rd b-day
douglas guy
drive back

Day 19 – Minneapolis

punch pizza
sculpture park
benches with sayings
cherry spoon
mini golf
pinball course
extremely hard course
talking dolphin
forbidden items
foreign items
asian clear can soda
coupe bears at happy hour
the endless bridge
dinner with mike mom and dad at bella ciao
back to mike’s house?
some college bar
drove back

Day 21 – Bowman to Greybull

Drove down through Badlands
absolutely beautiful and zenful
ocean of grass with a trimmed border
serrated horizon of mountains
very relaxing
drove down through deadwood
big tourist trap and didn’t stop
50’s diner
parking was $10
got out and saw it
gift shop
got a little off course but managed to get on the right track
drove to greybull for the night
weird hotel – maverick motel
with weird guy obsessed with not smoking and not ruining the parking lot
bar with pool
no other bar except silver spur
back to hotel

Day 22 – Greybull to Yellowstone

up and relaxed outside
drove through wyoming
visitor station
drove to campsite
noticed tire noise
set up tent
went to the mammoth springs
walked around
new blue springs not really new or blue or springs
nice colors
“Everything I could have asked for… and then ANOTHER bag of peanuts!”
stopped for some water and yellowstone whiskey?
drove up and around tower falls
down across the 8
stopped for pictures of wildlife
coyote, elk, bison, bison herd, bear, etc
went to go see old faithful
got picture
stopped at mid basin and other places
driving back
followed hot girl car
stopped by bison!
started driving
back to tent
started fire
ate dinner
difficult fire
under the scottsman’s kilt

Day 23 – Yellowstone to Missoula

up and drove out of yellowstone
up 89 to 90 and then got to missoula
worried about tire
went downtown to find something
imported goods store
baskets on third level
mex food
drove to motel
no cliff diving
went out to mall
pet store
theater 1
theater 2
back to hotel
watched street fighter 2 while aj and mike went to a bar
back to sleep

Day 24 – Missoula to Tacoma

woke and began driving to seattle
but car was starting to get weird
stopped at a car place in spokane
didn’t have time to align the wheels but could replace tires
while waiting we went to get a sandwich
dollar store
got puzzles and hats
came back to les shwab
had to replace all tires
put together USA puzzle
finally done
drove to seattle
AJ’s house for a bit
went to brandon’s
zombie statue
really dirty
out to a bar for a bit
party of people
kareoke bar
girls just want to have fun
back to brandeon’s
let people drink the booze we had
fell asleep after most of the party was over

Day 25 – Tacoma

woke with huge headache
felt terrible
took tylenol but threw up
bison taco
went to beach
played with dozer
Brandon’s car gas cap
at the beach
wind up radio
dozer getting sticks in the ocean
skipped some rocks
went back to aj’s
played some weird horseshoe game
went to brandon’s and relaxed some more
odd friends
watched the black six
left for Pho
maggie O’tooles
killians on tap
waiting for band
walked around block
sausage spam
finally band came on
math metal

Day 30 – Tacoma to Vancouver

southern kitchen
Finally vancouver
sketchy hostel area
to get into canada
1 hour wait
dr. sun yen
something or other tea
walked around the city
bamboo stick
bubble tea
cat empire cd
back tot he car
Guu Japanese restaurant
canadian’s outside
i went to sleep
mike proceeded to have an “adventure” of his own

Day 32 – Banff to Medicine Hat

packed and left
got a bit lost
parked far from area but for free
walked around festival
mounted shooting event
main rodeo
horse riding
cattle roping
soaking wet when mike drove by
yelled after the car
came by again and picked me up
drove to medicine hat
cheap hotel
movie! Wanted
the garage
very cute bartender
too drunk to drive so walked back to the hotel

Day 37 – Sault Ste. Marie to Montreal

50 cent coffee but didn’t have enough change but she gave it to me anyway
drive drive
tourist center
walked around the food area for a long time looking for something good to eat
overpriced post card
got noodles that were really shitty
back to the car and drove all the way to montreal
made it to samara’s and practically fell over with exhaustion
stayed up enough to watch planet of the apes and have sex