Tips for Hostels

These are some recommendations for hostels that I have written down based on my travel experience:

– Private shelves in the room next to bed
– Private light in the room next to bed
– Sound proof rooms
– Large common area
– Couches, many couches
– Board games, other games
– Large wall map of local area
– Map of the city/town to give out
– List of local restaurants and prices
– List of local foods to try (with pictures)
– Small item shelf in shower
– Staff is knowledgeable of things to do in the area
– Event calendar
– Space under beds for bags
– Free lockers
– No shoes policy
– Clean bathrooms
– Clean showers
– Working facilities
– Free internet and computers
– Hostel events
– Shower hooks
– Shower shoes provided
– Included toilet paper
– Rooftop bar / common area
– Large table in bar for people to sit at
– Pitchers available in bar
– Coffee in the morning
– Kitchen
– Basic ingredients for kitchen
– Laundry (price per load)
– Tub available for hand-washing clothes
– Tables in the dorms with chairs
– Mirror in the room and/or bathroom
– Necessities store at the reception (if no 24 hour mart nearby)
– Suggested itineraries to see area
– Guest book with tour recommendations
– General recommendations from guests
– Power outlets available
– Cheap beer
– Happy hour
– Late night snacks or a local restaurant
– 24 hour reception
– Good music and quietly played
– English speaking staff
– Clothespins the hand cloths to hangers (to prevent from falling off while drying hands)
– Free towels
– Free soap/shampoo dispenser in shower
– Pool table
– NO GUITAR (people who cannot play will try to play and it will annoy others)
– Pinball machine?
– Video game system (N64 is best for its multiplayer games)
– Hostel personality (art, architecture, something unique)
– AC / Heating
– Stereo can connect to guests’ iPod
– Fast internet, wifi (accessible in rooms)
– Lockers under beds?
– Assigned beds?
– Bean bag chair!
– Unbreakable furniture
– Couch in room
– Free snacks in common area
– Windows (large) in rooms
– Up to date computers (Mac preferably, both options better)
– Laundry actually cleans clothing
– World map with small pins, or one pin with string to use to make paths of travelers journeys
– DVD player and a good selection of movies, or a hard drive with movies on them
– Group hostel events, like family dinners, or free tours
– Free blankets if cold

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