Trip Planning

The three main reasons why people do not travel are usually Time, Money, and Responsibilities. So the best way to start thinking about going on an adventure is to set aside time, use a very conservative budget, and find a moment in your life when you either don’t have responsibilities, or can delegate them to others for a limited time.

Ok, now that you have those out of the way, here is a good step by step process of beginning to plan your trip:

  1. Start by imagining where you want to go
    • If you have a very limited budget, consider cheaper continents (Asia, South America, Africa)
  2. Look up images on google image search
    • Type in some country names, or city names, try to see what others have taken photos of, and write down names
  3. Buy or download a map
  4. Make dots on the map
  5. Connect the dots
  6. Do research on traveling between dots
    • Try to use trains and busses as much as possible, avoid flights since they require a lot of stress, inflexibility, time and money.
  7. Remake map
  8. Make a very rough and padded budget ($30/day for Asia, or $100/day for Europe for example)
  9. Find best season to buy airline tickets (usually to major international airport hub nearby), try looking for deals
    • If you’re planning a large trip, I highly recommend buying a one way ticket instead of round trip. This saves you a lot of unneeded stress when you eventually realize you’ll want to spend more time over there, or change the location of where you end up at the end of the trip.
  10. Start telling other people you’re going, both to find people who may want to come with and also to mentally commit yourself

This is a good start, and hopefully one night you’ll sit down and purchase the tickets. Now look into the other tips on this site.

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