Asia Trip 2009-2011


Days: 645
Countries Visited: 19
Miles traveled: 60,000 miles in straight lines, probably 2 or 3 times that amount counting squiggles




Hong Kong included the purchase of a $230 camera
Nepal included the purchase of $560.71 of souvenirs as gifts to friends and family
Philippines side trip was funded almost completely by parents.

Passports and Visas


Note: These prices are included in the expenses table (Besides Bangladesh which I did not go to, and including a $15 visa extension in Nepal)


Already vaccinated: Hepatitis A (Part 1), Hepatitis B, Routines

Vaccines taken (on advice of travel clinic): Hepatitis A (Part 2), Typhoid, Japanese encephalitis

Countries with high risk of Malaria: Laos, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Bangladesh, India

Note: I did not take any malaria pills at all and I was fine. There are many reasons against taking malaria pills in Asia, though I would recommend it if one was traveling Africa.



Crashed scooter in Taiwan
Crashed bike in Qingdao
Killed knees on Huangshan
Hit head on metal shelf corner in Mongolia
Ripped some muscle in arm in Tibet
Bellyflopped hard in Vang Vieng
Cut foot deep in Vang Vieng
Scratched up feet wearing sandals in jungle of Luang Nam Tha
Crashed motorcycle in Northwest Vietnam
Hit head on roof of marketplace stall in Inle Lake, Myanmar
Sores on foot from new sandals in Myanmar
Food sickness in Hpa An, Myanmar
Food sickness in Varanasi, India
Cut foot on rock in Nepal
Hurt left knee hiking down the Himalayas

What to Eat




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